Should we turn off email list moderation during the hearing tomorrow?

The hearing tomorrow seems like a great time to have free-flowing discussion on email as well as other places.  Usually we moderate the list to keep from overwhelming people with email.  Should we turn off moderation?

Thoughts?  Please vote yes/no and (if you feel like it) share your thinking in the comments.

Either way, if you’re interested in joining us during the hearings tomorrow, please RSVP on Facebook or Anyvite.


5 Responses to Should we turn off email list moderation during the hearing tomorrow?

  1. Gene Madison says:

    Yes, free flow would be nice, and perhaps then you can determine if moderation is even necessary.

  2. Mark Dorlester says:

    It *has* gotten better the past few days, but we still get bunches o’ out-of-office and unsubscribe messages …


  3. Patrick Bruckart says:

    I voted “yes.” The OFA GFR list is a huge list and there’s a risk of losing people. On the other hand, I feel like we need to get as many people engaged in GFR activism as possible.

    As an old L-Soft Listserv enthusiast, I’ve enjoyed participating in many high volume discussion lists, some moderated, some not. So maybe it’s just me being a dinosaur, but I’m usually disappointed when lists are not very active.

    In my non-expert’s opinion tomorrow may not be a do or die thing. We could end up working separately to influence Leahy’s, Feingold’s, and Dodd’s bills in committee and in the Senate. My point is just that I think we’re going to need to keep up some sustained advocacy and maybe it would be a good idea to shake things up a bit to get it started.

    My thought would be to start posting warnings that we’re going to open up the list ever few hours. Then open it up at 9:30am.

    P.S. Does anybody think that some of the tech. problems people have with unsubscribing might be caused by their forgetting or losing their passwords? If so, is there anything we could to help with this?


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  5. Wilmette says:

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