Calling all bloggers: our best chance to fix the PATRIOT Act and FISA!

Update: about 5 minutes after I made this post, Jason Rosenbaum’s Tomorrow, a chance to fix FISA and the PATRIOT Act went up on The Seminal.  More like that, please!

Last summer Get FISA Right’s growth on was fuelled by the blogosphere. The big blogs of the progressive blogosphere sparked things, and the the technology-in-politics blogs like TechPresident, Clickocracy, Wired, Slashdot started covering the activism story.   Since then, there successful blog-fuelled social network activism campaigns propelled by feminist, LGBTQ, migrant rights blogs.

So in the last-minute push to the Senate Judiciary Committee markup, it would be great to get support from bloggers of all stripes.  We realize it’s incredibly short notice and there’s a lot going on.  It doesn’t have to be a fancy post — something short and to the point is enough to make a difference.

If you get a chance between now and lunchtime on Thursday, please try to something up with three key messages for your readers:

  • Now is the best chance yet to fix the PATRIOT Act and reform FISA
  • Call and email their Senators
  • Please join us online Thursday for activism and discussion during the hearing:

We’ve got lots more resources — links, embed code for videos and petitions — on our wiki at   Or heck, just copy the three bullet points above as an action alert and include the “Stop spying on Americans” image above .  One way or another, please try to find a way to help.

And if you do post about it, please drop a comment in this thread so we can retweet it!




6 Responses to Calling all bloggers: our best chance to fix the PATRIOT Act and FISA!

  1. […] Huffington Post; Jason Rosenbaum just posted on The Seminal; will others follow their lead?   Our Calling all bloggers post has simple talking points … if you know any bloggers, please pass it along to […]

  2.’s efforts to support the JUSTICE Act

  3. jonpincus says:

    Great point, Jessica. Tracy Viselli had a great post Monday on Care2 about the JUSTICE Act (my bad for not mentioning it!) … and now there’s your
    Here’s How You Can End the PATRIOT Act
    . Thanks to Care2 for the coverage — and to you for the post!

  4. | righted says:

    […] Calling all blogger&#115&#58&#32our best chance to fix the PATRIOT Act and … […]

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