Following the PATRIOT Act debates via Twazzup

Screenshot of Twazzup getfisaright page

The folks at Twazzup have been kind enough to set up, which makes it easy to use follow the action on PATRIOT Act debates via Twitter — even if you don’t have a Twitter account!

The page is pretty self-explanatory, with areas for the most popular tweets and most-retweeted links.  There’s also an area for “featured tweeters”.   The combination makes it easy to keep up with with what’s going on even when the action gets intense.  If you want to focus on a particular subject, you can use the search box or buttons near the top of the page.

The “featured tweeters” list, by the way, includes organizations like EFF, ACLU, Cato Institute, and BORDC as well as Get FISA Right members and key bloggers, journalists, and Twitterers like Julian Sanchez, Sarah Jaffe, Marcy Wheeler, Baratunde Thurston, and Tracy Viselli.  And Get FISA Right of course!*  If there are other groups and people you think should be there, please reply with their names or Twitter profiles.

If we’re successful at sparking something viral on Twitter or in the blogosphere, this’ll be the best place to watch what’s going on.  So check it out!

And thanks to Twazzup, for the quick turnaround … much appreciated!


*  Speaking of which, please follow us on Twitter, and join us on Organizing for America, Facebook, MySpace, and Wetpaint.


One Response to Following the PATRIOT Act debates via Twazzup

  1. jonpincus says:

    If you’d like to help support reform to the PATRIOT Act and repeal of telecom immunity, here’s a couple of easy things to do:

    – If you’re on Facebook, please share the link to your profile …

    – If you’re on Twitter, please retweet:

    RT @getfisaright: Following the PATRIOT Act debates via @twazzup: — pls RT #patriotact

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