Bloggers call: summary and next steps

Another excellent call!   Thanks to Cynthia from Momocrats; Mandy from ACLU; Marcy and Bill rom Emptywheel; Matt from CREDO; Jim Babka from Downsize dc; Kevin from EFF; Julian from Cato; James Cook; and Manny, Korkie, Mark, Sally, and Harry from Get FISA Right.  Detailed notes at thanks to Harry’s transcription magic.  Here’s the highlights.

  • The Senate Judiciary Committee markup on Thursday is our best chance yet for significant reform to the PATRIOT Act and FISA.  Conversely, if a weak bill comes out of the SJC, the path forward in the Senate is much more difficult.  So over the next 48 hours, we need to put pressure on Senators Whitehouse, Specter, Schumer, and all the other SJC Dems.
  • The “ask” continues to be “support the JUSTICE act”: add provisions to the Leahy Bill on Thursday’s markup, and co-sponsor S. 1682.

  • Numbers so far are decent — 50,000 between CREDO Action/, EFF, Downsize DC.  Participation on social networks is small but increasing steadily.   Of the email campaigns, CREDO Action/ seems to have the best viral spread on social networks; if you want to adapt “share with your friends” mechanism they’re using, get in touch with Matt Lockshin.
  • We need a landing page: short summary of the issue and what’s at stake, links to take action, a couple of quotes from the coalition letter, where to find out more, and AV.  Getting something up quickly is more important than polishing it. Once it’s in decent shape, we’ll start getting the link out by Twitter — and hopefully any blog posts and emails.  Action: Harry to do a first draft.
  • With a compelling call to action, we may have a shot at getting 10% of bloggers to do one post or repost.  This is certainly enough to reinforce social network activism campaigns; it may or may not be enough to kick things into overdrive. More details on blogging in a comment.

The hearing on Thursday will be webcast.  An ideal time for Twitter and Facebook activism 🙂

Thanks once again to everybody for participating … more soon!  If you get a second to fill out our poll on whether people will have time to help, that’d be great … and as always, if you’re on Twitter, there’s something to retweet:

RT @getfisaright: #patriotact bloggers call: summary and next steps



2 Responses to Bloggers call: summary and next steps

  1. jonpincus says:

    A few more details on blogging:

    – Julian will have pieces coming out on the American Prospect, Reason and elsewhere; he thinks he can recruit people like Ezra Klein

    – Wired, Slashdot, and other technology-in-politics blogs may be the best channel, since they’re not as focused on health care and Afghanistan. Action: Jon and Kevin to pitch Wired.

    We will try to get a pitch to Eric Lichtblau and other interested journalists. Action: Jon to pretty up the discussion in the meeting, send to Bill and others.

  2. jonpincus says:

    Here’s a short pitch for Eric Lichtblau and Wired

    – Thursday’s SJC markup is significant both for PATRIOT Act reform, and for the potential FISA Amendments limiting data mining — an aspect the traditional media has ignored so far.

    – Get FISA Right, CREDO Action and other groups are trying to catalyze last-minute action on Twitter, Facebook, and other social network sites. It worked remarkably well on MyBO last summer. Can lightning strke twice?

    – The best place to follow the action is likely to be be via Twitter,

    [Eric chaired a panel at CFP, where we used a similar page as a backchannel, and he was very impressed.]

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