Organizing meeting notes

Another great call — excellent ideas, accomplished all the goals, and got done 10 minutes early.  w00t!  Thanks to Harry, Mark, Joan, David, Manny, Ben, Alan, Gina, Shireen, and Lavern for the participation, and Marcy, Jim, Charlotte-Anne, and Harry (again) for the pre-meeting prep.

The full chat log is available here.  Here’s the meeting highlights:

Key decisions

  • we’ll use this weekend to gather forces on Twitter and Facebook, with campaigns asking people to join both groups, and continue our “thank you” petition and Facebook thread
  • ramp up Sunday night or Monday with an OFA post
  • blogger call Tuesday at 3 p.m.; use the time in between for prep

Action items

  • all: join Facebook group; follow @getfisaright; petition and Facebook thread
  • for initial blog posts: Jon to follow up with Marcy, somebody to follow up with Greenwald/Strange Bedfellows and McJoan.  for blogger outreach in general, ask them to send their blog posts to @getfisaright so we can add them to our retweeting schedule.
  • Mark to work on draft blog post for OFA, and then kick off broad outreach on mailing lists
  • Jon to set up blogger call for Tuesday
  • Gina to follow up with Chris Bowers about Specter/Sestak situation
  • Mark (and others) to follow up with NRA
  • *done!* Jon to send out notes

Thanks once again, all … have a great weekend, and please check back here Sunday for updates!



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