JUSTICE Bill organizing update

First order of business: tomorrow’s organizing call is at noon Pacific or 3 p.m. Eastern.  Dialin info and RSVP on Anyvite and Facebook.  Agenda coming soon.

A quick update:

  • We’re still planning on launching a Twitter/Facebook campaign over the weekend targeting a few Senators.  Marcy Wheeler and I propose Specter (the only SJC Dem other than Feingold on Twitter), Whitehouse, and Leahy.   By Monday and Tuesday, we can expand and refine our focus.
  • A couple candidates for slogans: “Bring JUSTICE to the PATRIOT Act!” (suggested by jsq, I believe), and “Support the JUSTICE Act”
  • Apparently our tweeting was noticed, and appreciated, by people in Russ Feingold’s office.  Yay us!
  • Nobody else is planning a social network-based campaign to support the JUSTICE Act, and a lot of people are hoping that we can spark something on Twitter and Facebook.
  • Once the bill’s reported out of committee, we’ll have a better idea of the timetable for when we should reengage with President Obama — probably with another open letter along with organizing on OFA.

We’re starting to see a lot of press; now’s a great time for a letter to the editor.  If somebody has the time to do a quick press roundup for the blog, that’d be swell — let me know if you need an account.

Please try to check back on the blog late Saturday or Sunday for updates — and we’ll update the email list as well.

We’re off to a good start, with about 345 people in the Facebook group, and 30-40 ready to help on Twitter … which doesn’t sound like a lot until you stop to think that there were less than 300 people in the MyBO group last summer when Mike Stark posed “Will Obama feel the sting of social networks?”.  We have pretty good records of the statistics from the early days, and you can really see the impact of posts from big progressive and technology blogs … so we just have to convince people there’s a story here.

Suggestions?  We’ll do some brainstorming on this in tomorrow’s meeting; for now, if you’ve got ideas, please leave them in the comments.



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