Organizing phone call summary

Great meeting!  Thanks to all the participants, including Michelle from ACLU, Kevin from EFF, Chip from BORDC, Julian from Cato, Cyn from the Momocrats, Jared from EPIC, Korkie, Doug, longtime GFR’ers including Carlo, Manny, Ben, Harry, Joan, Jim, and John — and quite probably others as well; apologies to anybody I missed.  Also apologies for the problems with the chat room.  Grr.  I hate software.

The full chat log is here (with some light editing for readabiility, typo fixing, etc.) and we also have an audio recording.  Here are some of the key takeways:

  • Senate Judiciary Committee will mark up Leahy Bill on October 1.  Short-term focus is on members and Senate co-sponsors for JUSTICE Act.  see the list of FB and Twitter profiles here
  • rallying cry for the next week: “support the JUSTICE Bill” or “bring JUSTICE to the PATRIOT Act”.  more specifically:
  • For SJC members: amend the Leahy Bill to include key provisions of the JUSTICE Bill (ACLU will have a side-by-side comparison, for now see Greg Nojeim’s  Eyes on the Prize as the Patriot debates unfold)
  • For all members: co-sponsor S.1686, the JUSTICE Bill along
  • libertarian and “right blogosphere” outreach: Ron Paul’s Legislative assistant, who else?
  • “PATRIOT Act” resonates more than “FISA” for this battle
  • misuse of sneak and peak could be something to focus on
  • how to reconcile the need for a single crisp message with the multiple audiences?

Next phone call Saturday, noon Pacific time.  This weekend, we’ll kick off a Twitter/Facebook activism campaign … stay tuned!

Watch the blog at for updates; we’ll also send out an invite to the Facebook group and email to the myBO list.



One Response to Organizing phone call summary

  1. jonpincus says:

    Action items

    * ACLU to forward on side-by-side info once its available
    * Julian to ask Ron Paul’s LA what (if anything) RP’s going to do
    * Mark to follow up with ALA
    * John Q to approach OFA folks
    * Manny to send additional OFA contacts
    * Jon to set up followon phone call
    * Cyn (with help from Jim and Chip) to think about blog post about overseas phone calls
    * Jon to send out notes

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