Moving Forward on Media Strategy

By: Harry Waisbren

I’m happy to report that we are moving forward on our media strategy, the need for which I described yesterday. Jon took action and started a Justice Act Media List on the wiki, and I have been preparing initial outreach via Twitter in particular using TPM’s Twitter Rooms.

I will have more to say about Twitter soon, but I want to emphasize a comment I made to Jon’s wiki page about utilizing our members’ media capacity to the fullest. The importance of this was further described in my Targetting the Media Post:

Fortunately, the constituency of our community remains chock full of new media entrepreneurs—some of whom are amongst the most adept in the world of leveraging new technologies to break past older filters that close down democratic discourse.

Our community includes media mavens participating in various capacities such as Ari Melber, Marcy Wheeler, Mike Stark, Jon Pincus, Tracy Viselli and many, many more. If we are able to hone the capacity of our bi-partisan media community to amplify our message through various mediums (blogs, social networks, web-video, print, etc) I have absolutely no doubt that it would rival any other kind of coverage we could hope to get—in fact, it would act to spur much wider mainstream media coverage as is.


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