Targetting the Media

By: Harry Waisbren

I think we have a lot more work to do determining how we can best leverage the media in our efforts.  I commented in the strategy section of the JUSTICE Act Organizing wiki page that we need to start thinking about this, and I also posited that a Twitter campaign targeting media members could be particularly helpful at this early juncture.

The importance of media became even more self-evident to me while contemplating the earlier post about Get Fisa Right’s size. That post notes that it’s hard to say how big we are right now, especially given the difficulty of leveraging particular services to efficiently reconnect us with past participants. However, a missing aspect here is that as we start achieving media coverage reaching out will become dramatically easier and focusing on achieving new members will quickly become more important.

Last Summer we had the phenomenal success of helping to directly change the national discourse. However, the role of achieving mainstream media attention must be acknowledged here if we are to repeat the success. Fortunately, the constituency of our community remains chock full of new media entrepreneurs—some of whom are amongst the most adept in the world of leveraging new technologies to break past older filters that close down democratic discourse.

Media doesn’t control what we think…but they do control what we think about. This is why we must use media to help the country think about civil liberties again!


3 Responses to Targetting the Media

  1. jonpincus says:

    Excellent point, Harry. I updated the organizing page to clarify that that our strategy is to target politicians and media.

    We’ll need a couple things here: a list of media people to contat and the GFR people who are contacting them; and a pitch, to hook their interest that there are stories here. I set up a wiki page to start things off.


  2. harrywaisbren says:

    The Justice Act Media List seems great! Should be quite the hub for media action.

    I am planning a larger scale media and political outreach effort through Twitter by way of utilizing Talking Points Memo’s Twitter Rooms.

    These varying rooms provide listings of all the politicians or journalists on twitter and should prove to be quite useful.

  3. […] happy to report that we are moving forward on our media strategy, the need for which I described yesterday. Jon took action and started a Justice Act Media List on the wiki, and I have been preparing […]

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