Ask the President results (belatedly) … and a question for Harry Reid

April 1, 2009

Thanks everybody who voted for and tweeted about our Ask the President question:

Before you were elected, you committed to having your attorney general review domestic surveillance policy. What are your plans and timeframe to get FISA right?

We wound up with 268 yes votes, 16 no for +252 net and an astonishing 94% approval rating.  Depending on how you look at it, we finished #7 (in terms of net votes) or #1 (in terms of approval rating).  Bob Fertik’s special prosecutor question was at 1020 yes, 371 no, 73% approval, and finished #3 in net votes at +640.  Congratulations all!

Of course Ask the President was just a vehicle.  Our goals were getting more coverage of FISA and domestic wiretapping issues, and resuming our dialog with President Obama. 

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