Get FISA Right in “Ask the President” — bloggers wanted!

Ari Melber’s The People’s Press Conference in The Nation introduces Ask the President, a project where people can suggest and vote on questions that will potentially be asked at a White House press conference.   Other sponsors include The Nation, The Washington Times, Personal Democracy Forum,, (Bob Fertik, whose question continues to lead), and Jack and Jill Politics.

President Obama’s next press conference is at Tuesday, 8 PM Eastern (Facebook event here).

Wouldn’t it be great if somebody asked about FISA and the Patriot Act?

Please vote for our question

Before you were elected, you committed to having your attorney general review domestic surveillance policy. What are your plans and timeframe to get FISA right?


Also, Bob Fertik of has a question as well, asking President Obama to appoint a special prosecutor.   During the Ideas for Change competition, we overwhelmingly voted to endorse Bob’s special prosecutor proposal, so please consider voting for his question as well.

Bob’s currently in #2 overall at a net of +254 votes.  We’re currently at a net of +31.  Our approval rating is over 90%.  Very cool!

The wiki page has various suggestions for promotion via email, Twitter, etc.    One thing we could really use is for people to  blog about this and include the handy embed widget like Bob has.  If you do, please leave a link in a comment here so that everybody can see it.

The best way to follow updates is here, via the @GetFISARight Twitter account.  If anybody wants to provide updates on the blog here, please let us know in a comment.



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