Feingold to give the Obama administration “a few more weeks” to introduce FISA reform legislation

In a comment on What does it mean to “get FISA right”?, Ben Masel wrote:

I caught up with Senator Feingold last Sunday, at his Birthday Party/Re-election fundraiser.

He’s going to give the Administration “a few more weeks” to come up with a bill to roll back the FISA amendments, introduce his own bill if they don’t.

One more reason why Get FISA Right ♡ Senator Feingold!

So now’s a very good time to think about activism related to whatever legislation gets introduced: a “50-state strategy” of feedback to all the Senators and Representatives from their consituents — including in-person meetings and cable TV advertising — as well as pressure on President Obama and his administration.  Continuing the discussions on What does it mean to “get FISA right”? is a key part of it; it’s a chance for us to take the initiative.  So please check out that thread and contribute your opinions.

More details as we get them.  Other thoughts on how we should proceed?


3 Responses to Feingold to give the Obama administration “a few more weeks” to introduce FISA reform legislation

  1. This is great news that Feingold is pushing on this! Ideally we could organize a meeting with him where we could discuss a coordinated campaign, but obviously that is a high bar.

    There are listening sessions scheduled for this Saturday (March 7 in Waukesha and Johnson Creek) where a Wisconsin activist could ask him for specifics about how we could help him in this kind of effort if it arises, but that might be jumping the gun a little bit.

    If this is a go more WI activists really need to step up and ensure we have a presence at these open meetings!

    Here’s the link to more info on them, but the only one scheduled is for this Saturday: http://feingold.senate.gov/listening/index.html

  2. jonpincus says:

    Good suggestion, Harry: if anybody’s going to these sessions, it’s worth asking how we can help. As backup, though, we should think about drafting a blog post/email to Senator Feingold asking the same thing …

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