Coming attractions (and dailyish update)

Over 100 views for yesterday’s Dailyish update! Today, check out our new section “coming attractions”

For more about Get FISA Right’s Dailyish updates, please see Jon’s post on The Seminal

Coming attractions

Upcoming blog series: “what does it mean to “get FISA right”?  Jim Burrows will kick it off on — draft here.

Discussion and voting on whether to endorse Patrick Leahy’s call for a truth commission
(see Leahy calls for

Introducing ourselves to Senator Feingold, Feb 14-March 15.  More on the wiki (also on and the blog).

Volunteers needed

If you’d like to help, please leave a comment!

media outreach for Wisconsin action
ad buy/fundraising
help with next dailyish update
bloggers wanted

FISA in the news

Senator Leahy calls for Truth Commission: petition here, Leahy’s Huffington Post article here.  digg it!

Leahy calls for Truth Commssion. Why?
(Thanks, Michael!)

Consider using Google Alerts to track FISA in the news.

Please leave links to other FISA stories in the comments — or tweet them with the #FISA tag.


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