GFR (heart) Sen. Feingold: continuing the planning for our February/March discussions

The planning’s for Get FISA Right taking advantage of Senator Russ Feingold’s upcoming visits to Wisconsin continues.  With the first opportunity this Saturday on Valentine’s day (February 14) at a Listening Meeting in Chilton, I’ve decided to dub this project “Get FISA Right (heart) Senator Feingold”, or “GFR heart Sen. Feingold” for short.*

There’s a lot going on here, with additional events in Madison and Milwaukee on March 1, a potential cable advertising opportunity in Green Bay on March 4, and an event in Kimberly on March 15.  To keep track of it all, we’re going to use a wiki page as the planning hub for this.  For example, here’s the current versions of our goals for the project.

  • get a better understanding of the situation in Congress and Senator Feingold’s strategy
  • get Sen Feingold to make a video on “what it means to get FISA right”
  • introduce ourselves to Senator Feingold and get a working relationship in place
  • pilot techniques that we can use as part of a 50-state strategy
  • get blog and media attention, at least at the local and state level, and hopefully nationally as well

Check it out — and if you’ve got feedback or suggestions please share them in the comments.  We’re also drafting some email to Senator Feingold.  There’s a draft here; feedback welcome!

If you’ve got a little time to help with the media outreach, ad buy, or other planning, please let us know.  And if you’re in Wisconsin, so much the better: it’d be great to bet more people there in person.

If you’re new to Get FISA Right, this is a great example of the self-organizing and distributed way we do things.   So please, get involved!


PS: Thanks to Jean, Ben, Harry, and Nina on Facebook, and Frank and John in email, for getting the ball rolling on this.

* for best results, picture an emoticon instead of the heart.  Except I haven’t figured out how to do that in WordPress yet.


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