Dailyish update (February 11)

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Next actions: Feb 14 and March 1 in Wisconsin

More on the wiki (also on change.org and the blog).

Feedback, please, on our draft email to Senator Feingold.

Volunteers needed

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media outreach for Wisconsin action
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FISA in the news

Lots of discussion about state secrets privilege, starting with Glenn Greenwald’s post hereSee the email thread here, with a lot of links. (Thanks to Bruce, Craig, Laura, and others)

Tell President Obama America Wants the Truth, a petition from The Brennan Center for Justice.  (Thanks, Patrick!)

It is now clear that our nation violated the rule of law and the Constitution in the fight against terrorism. Yet the public still does not fully know what happened.

Here’s the link for Glenn Greenwald mentioning us on Bill Moyers last Friday.  (Thanks Jo!)

Consider using Google Alerts to track FISA in the news.  (Thanks, Frank!)

Please leave links to other FISA stories in the comments — or tweet them with the #FISA tag.


4 Responses to Dailyish update (February 11)

  1. Michael says:

    That Truth Commission is Worthless !

    It won’t prosecute anyone who broke the law !

    It is just a way for The Government To Sweep Everything Under the rug !

    Not One member of The Bush Administration who broke the law will be Prosecuted !

    Please Read Up On Senator Leahy’s truth commission before you sign that petition..
    Leahy Calls for Truth Commission…Why ?


  2. […] attractions (and dailyish update) Over 100 views for yesterday’s Dailyish update! Today, check out our new section “coming […]

  3. jonpincus says:

    Thanks for the link, Michael. I added it to today’s dailyish update.

    Personally, I’m in favor of pursuing a Truth Commission as a next step as well as a special prosecutor — I don’t see it as an either/or thing. Not sure what most members of GFR think. Next week, we’ll kick off a discussion thread … it might make sense to vote on whether or not to endorse the petition.

  4. Michael says:

    Thanks jonpincus..

    Read Leahy’s words on the subject..
    He just wants to find the truth but,NO prosecutions !
    WTF ? The mans nuts..What country does he live in ?
    Talk about Appeasement..
    How do you know that after a truth commission there would be prosecutions ?
    Leahy definitely said NO prosecutions..
    I want Investigations then Prosecutions..
    And,of course millions of people like ourselves,do too..
    I take Senator Leahy at his word..
    That’s why I will never sign his petition or support his truth commission..
    Remember our government didn’t prosecute the Iran Contra gang..
    And,a lot of them poped up in Bushtards Administration..
    Let’s remember & learn from History,this time..

    Thanks..Take care,Michael..

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