Dailyish update, February 10

Next action: March 4 February 14 in Wisconsin

More in Senator Feingold to listen to Get FISA Right (Help wanted)

please digg at  http://is.gd/j4se

Volunteers needed

please leave a comment if you can help!

media outreach for Wisconsin action 

ad buy/fundraising

design/produce hard copy to give out to constituents (reusable elsewhere)

help with next dailyish update

Conference call notes


no download available, sorry — not sure what went wrong 😦

discussion coming soon on process/criteria for choosing a change.org partner
Volunteers Needed
– Wiki help wanted! There’s a list of to-dos at http://get-fisa-right.wetpaint.com/todos/updated
– bloggers wanted! https://getfisaright.wordpress.com/2009/01/16/bloggers-wanted/

FISA in the news

Holder to review all bush claims of state secrets

Leahy proposes truth commission

Obama responds

Glenn Greenwald mentioned us on Bill Moyers.  Does anybody have a link?

Consider using Google Alerts to track FISA in the news.

Please leave links to other FISA stories in the comments — or tweet them with the #FISA tag.


3 Responses to Dailyish update, February 10

  1. I am the ultimate blogger! 😉

  2. Jo Beall says:


    link for Glen Greenwald on Bill Moyers’

  3. jonpincus says:

    thanks very much, Jo!

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