Get FISA Right on The Seminal!

My post on Get FISA Right’s dailyish updates is up in the Political Tactics section of The Seminal.   Here’s the introduction:

Every activism campaign faces the challenge of keeping people informed without overloading them. It’s particularly acute for Get FISA Right because we’re explicitly trying to engage with people who prefer to get their information via social network sites (Twitter and Facebook so far) as well as the more traditional blogs and email.* Hopefully our experiences will be useful for other activism campaigns as well.

Our goal is for people who have even a little bit of time available to be able to quickly see what’s up — and where they might be able to help. For active Get FISA RIght members and allies in the civil liberties community, it’ll be a minimum-investment way of staying informed. For the 95%+ of members who only have time intermittently, it’ll be a quick way of coming up to speed when there’s an action alert. And for potential members, bloggers, and the media, it’ll be an easy way of tracking what’s going on and deciding whether it’s interesting.

Assuming we can make it work, that is. It’s worth a try.

Rich Jensen has an entertaning, albeit somewhat inaccurate, summary on digg.  Speaking of which: digg it! And it’s also on reddit, with a much better title: Keeping in touch with the online world.  Yeah, that’s what I meant to call it, really.

Thanks to Josh Nelson and The Seminal for the invitation to guest-blog!  For a new blog like ours, opportunities like this are extremely valuable.


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