Conference call #5: Saturday, 2 p.m. Pacific/5 p.m. Eastern

Update, February 9: notes available here.  no download this time, sorry 😦

Yeah, I know, who wants to break up the weekend with a meeting about civil liberties?  But there are plenty of people have cellphone plans with unlimited calling on weekends, so it’s important to have some of our conference calls when it’s free for them to participate. *

For those who haven’t been on one of our conference calls before: it’s just like a meeting, except on the phone.   Dial in using the information below — it’s best if you can be there from the beginning, but otherwise feel free to join us in progress.  We start with a few minutes of introductions and discussion, and then move through the agenda items.   The facilitator (me, usually) keeps the discussion on track and makes sure everybody gets a chance to share their opinion.  At the end, we recap action items and next steps, and then anybody who’s in the mood can stay on the line for additional free-form conversation.

The draft agenda is below.  Please discuss in the comments, and we’ll revise as necessary.  I usually send the final version out to the people who have accepted the Facebook and MyBO events a few hours before the call as a reminder.  The agenda often includes “pre-meeting reading” links off to blog posts; if you get a chance, please try to look these over quickly before the call or as we’re starting up.**

Dialin info: 1-309-946-5100 access code 869727

Dial the phone number — standard toll charges apply.  Once you’re prompted for the access code, type it in, and you’ll get connected to the call.  If people are talking (which is usually the case), wait for a pause in the conversation and say hi.

RSVP, please: on Facebook, on MyBO, or by leaving a comment here.


5-10 minutes: introductions

5-10 minutes: recap last call’s action items

10-15 minutes: communications channels.  pre-meeting reading: the Communications Channels post and a couple of the Dailyish updates!

10-15 minutes: next steps.  how to engage effectively?  how to select our partner 501(c)3?  pre-meeting reading: our first post on (and please take a moment to introduce yourself!)

10-15 minutes: next steps on cable TV advertising campaign.  pre-meeting reading: Discuss: ad campaign choices

10-15 minutes (if time permits): how to get momentum on the online lecture/discussion series and the idea of tracking legislation

5-10 minutes: recap and action items


* I wish we could have a toll-free number for conference calls, but that’s typically at least $5/person/hour, and with our current budget of $0 it’s not feasible.  If anybody would like to donate occasional use of a toll-free conference calling number, please let us know!

** just like in meetings in the real world, it’s a lot more efficient if people have some common understanding.


2 Responses to Conference call #5: Saturday, 2 p.m. Pacific/5 p.m. Eastern

  1. jonpincus says:

    Last call’s action items:

    *done* kick off discussions on blog about promoting current ads: how aggressively and where (e.g. list of SaysMe localities)? Thomas

    *some* engage in discussions on all

    *done* start discussion about criteria for non-profit Ideas for Change partners: Jon, deferred until after Jon’s conversation with Ben next week; for now, please use the conference call thread

    *done — dailyish updates* restart “daily mail to”: TBD. Here’s the wiki page we’ve used to construct the mail in the past — instructions would be useful.

    *Jon’s still doing this* monitor email to myBO list: unsubscribe requests, volunteers, etc. Lee for now; we should ask for other volunteers as well.

    *???* describe the roles (and processes) for Get FISA Right in Ideas for Change and with the ad, useful both for us and (since we’re breaking new ground here) others. Harry

    *???* capture history and understand what appeals do/don’t work and information/social networks of how people are finding us. Joan, although she’ll need some help.

    *???* work on linking up with Russ Feingold (and other supportive politicians in DC and elsewhere): Frank

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