UPDATED: Notes, action items and download link for Wednesday conference call

Update, Wednesday 9:30 PM: notes (action items and download information) are in a comment.

Please continue the discussion!

Hey, we’ve got a new President!  I hope everybody’s had a chance to check out the fireworks theme on the wiki 🙂  Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Okay, now back to work.

There is as always a lot to cover in tonight’s conference call: promoting our ad, following up on Ideas for Change, and organization going forward.   The agenda and dialin information are below the fold.  For those who can’t make it to tonight’s conference call, we’ll be recording it and will get notes up afterwards.*  For those who can,  we’ll also be discussing in the chat room at http://www.chatterous.com/gfrchat/.

Whether or not you’re going to be at the meeting, please leave your input on any of the topics as a comment here on this thread.  Discussion before the meeting can help us make much better use of the hour when we’re all on the phone.  Thanks much, and looking forward to it!


* hopefully.  we ran into problems with this last time, so no guarantees.  but we’ll do our best.  apologies to those whose cell-phone plans have limited minutes during weekdays; we will work on scheduling some future calls on weekends as well.

Tentative agenda (suggestions welcome)

10-15 minutes: introductions

5-10 minutes: strategy overview and questions

10-15 minutes: next steps on the ad.  the idea is to set up pooled campaigns for each SaysMe.tv market, reach out to community and independent media as well as blogs on the local and state level, and raise funds to air the ads (and get coverage) across the country.  we want to make it easy for people to step forward to run local campaigns.  what are the next steps?  please try to read the media release before the phone call (and also add your message to President Obama if you want)

10-15 minutes: next steps on Ideas for Change.  please try to read the latest update before the phone call.  (my next phone call with Ben has been pushed back to next week).  how do we continue to work with our allies, and the other winners?  what do we want from a non-profit partner? what do we want from change.org?  we won’t be coming to any decisions on the call, but it’ll be good to kick off discussions

10-15 minutes: organization going forward.  we were (amazingly enough) able to proceed on three projects almost-simultaneously over the last week, so the blog/wiki/Google Group/broadcast communications mechanism — and the way we’re using Facebook events — works a lot better than what we had before.  how do we build on it?

5-10 minutes: next steps

Dialin/chat information

5 PM Pacific/8 PM Eastern

1-309-946-5100  access code 869727

online chat at http://www.chatterous.com/gfrchat/ , please join us via the web, IM, SMS, or email!


11 Responses to UPDATED: Notes, action items and download link for Wednesday conference call

  1. A point in favor of Liberty & Security is that they have fairly detailed specific proposals for “getting FISA Right”; we may want to make that a criterion at any rate. Other outfits do as well, but the ACLU and EFF checklists are shorter, less well defended, and focus entirely on Obama (L&S include legislative suggestions, IIRC.)

    On the other hand, L&S and the Constitution Project are both a bit on the white paper think tank end of things, maybe less well suited to providing institutional oomph to, say, a lobbying campaign.

  2. Patrick Bruckart says:

    I will not be able to participate in the call tonight but wanted to post a few ideas.

    strategy overview and questions-

    *I think we had mentioned outreach to younger folks in a previous teleconference. Michael Moore’s “Slacker Uprising” video gave me some ideas (and I highly recommend it if you haven’t seen it).

    He involved some musicians, etc. that are popular with young people. Tom Morello in particular stands out, as I was a big fan of Rage Against the Machine. I haven’t followed him since Rage broke up, but he has profile and group on Facebook and he and Serj (formerly of System of a Down) have a Website/organization called Axis of Jutice (www.axisofjustice.org I think).

    I just mention Tom Morello as an example. The idea I suggest is working to get someone like this, who is popular with young people, to endorse us, be a spokesperson for us, or appear in an a SaysMe.tv ad. (The tombstone ad that had the spokesman at the end making a direct appeal to the viewer *really* impresses me and I’m thinking if we could get a celebrity type to do a spot like that it would really have an impact.)

    *Regarding our media release, we all worked very hard on it under time constraints. I am somewhat concerned, though, that it might have been a little long (approx. 700 words). I think we might need to keep releases more brief and maybe stick to the traditional: who, what, where, when type focus. Just my 2-cents worth.

    I also think that we should not overlook print media in outreach efforts. A news or opinion article in any paper with a reasonably large circulation would be helpful. One in the Wash. Post, NY Times, LA Times, etc., would be priceless.

    next steps on Ideas for Change-

    I really appreciated Thomas Nephew’s blog article on the Change.org press conference (http://newsrackblog.com/2009/01/16/were-number-5-were-number-5/). I am concerned about a couple of things Thomas mentioned in the article, particularly how social networking can be more top-down than it is promoted and how niche ideas can apparently be dismissed (I wasn’t totally clear on this last point, but it was the first time I had read the term “niche ideas.”)

    My concern is how to be most effective in a netroots, top-down system (I believe it remains a top-down system in reality, but that it involves different dynamics that allow more leeway) and how to avoid being labeled as a niche issue and/or relegated to the sidelines.

  3. Re dismissing niche ideas: it was more of a meta point than anything urgent. Obviously they promoted the competition, and got a bunch of participants, and are willing to help hook up the top 10 ideas with other groups. The event I went to was more “change.org promotion” than “top 10 idea promotion”, which maybe isn’t too surprising or worrisome.

  4. jonpincus says:

    Recording available for download for 30 days here on freeconference.com (26 MB .mp3 file)

    phone playback at 1-309-946-5118 access code 795777 (standard toll charges apply)

    chat log at http://www.chatterous.com/gfrchat/

    Action items

    – kick off discussions on blog about promoting current ads: how aggressively and where (e.g. list of SaysMe localities)? Thomas
    – engage in discussions on change.org: all
    – start discussion about criteria for non-profit Ideas for Change partners: Jon, deferred until after Jon’s conversation with Ben next week; for now, please use this thread
    – restart “daily mail to mybo.com”: TBD. Here’s the wiki page we’ve used to construct the mail in the past — as the “to-do” on the page points out, instructions would be useful.
    – monitor email to myBO list: unsubscribe requests, volunteers, etc. Lee for now; we should ask for other volunteers as well.
    – describe the roles (and processes) for Get FISA Right in Ideas for Change and with the ad, useful both for us and (since we’re breaking new ground here) others. Harry
    – capture history and understand what appeals do/don’t work and information/social networks of how people are finding us. Joan, although she’ll need some help.
    – work on linking up with Russ Feingold (and other supportive politicians in DC and elsewhere): unassigned

    Apologies if I missed anybody or misspelled any names …
    Harry, Madison
    Frank, Northern California
    Ofer, Cambridge MA
    Chip, Texas
    Joan, New Jersey
    Jim, Boston area
    Sylvia, Tucson
    Lee, North Carolina
    Mark, Seattle
    Thomas (only in chat)
    Jon, San Francisco (although usually in Seattle)

  5. Al Simon says:

    Last night Keith Olberman reported that every news organization was beeing wire tapped, every email, every fax and every phone call was picked up by the spy agencies. He plans to report additional information tonight. I think we need to jump on
    this and scream and holler and use any and all of our resources to make this our issue.
    As outrageous as this is so far I have not seen any one else picking up on this story.
    If this is not criminal and we do not do something to make the public aware of the extent that the government has been spying on us so that the full extent of what is going on as this is written (and probably tapped ) we are in bigger trouble than anyone ever believed.

  6. Joan Mokray says:

    Here’s the link for the Keith Olberman piece

    I think we need to find Russell Tice, who appears to live in Glen Burnie, MD, and see if he’ll work with us. Anyone superb at detecting should take a crack at it. I plan on calling Countdown, as a first and obvious move.

  7. slw says:

    Sorry I had to miss the conference call.

    And I just lost my entire post here, so this will be an abbreviated version.

    1) We need to contact all the too few Representatives and Senators who voted No this summer, including those who offered amendments and then voted yes. Russ Feingold has been a leader on this, but Senator Dodd gave an impassioned speech, and Russ Holt, who I mentioned earlier, did so in the House (speech delivered:
    ) Russ Holt has a secure seat, so he is well positioned to lead on this issue.

    It is most helpful if the folks contacting these representatives happen to be constituents. If they are constituents who know or volunteered or otherwise supported these representatives, all the better. Unfortunately all my reps voted Yes, so while I wrote before and after the vote, especially to Joe Sestak, (PA, 7th) who sent his big supporters/volunteers/constituents on his email list a long letter detailing his rationales, (which was very helpful, because I was able to send a long letter answering/countering most of them using the wonderful resources I found on the GFR site> this is not going to be very fertile field for me personally. I’ll follow up with everyone now that I have the Presidents words from the inaugural address to add to the arguments, (and maybe Olberman’s reporting) but letters to my two Senators, who do not know me personally, are not going to be as effective. PA is a big state.

    2) Lots of good ideas for reaching young people. Now how do we reach older people, who may feel just as strongly about the issue, but are as connected through the internet, even though they may use the web occasionally?

    Print medium a good path. A letter in the NYT (LaTimes, WashPost, WSJ) would be worth a great deal. But getting published in major newspapers is very very difficult, at least from my experience with the NYT. Local papers are easier to get letters into. Community forums are another way to reach out to people who are not as web focussed. Lining up a group of people who would be knowledgeable and articulate speakers on the issue would be helpful .

    3) Is there any network of academic lawyers and/or law students organized on the issue? Or are they tending to work with organizations like the ACLU, EFF, etc? Since President Obama was a law professor himself, these folks might have particular resonance with him. I know there were a number of law professors who were very public on the issue, but I don’t know if they have formed any groups to work together to exert pressure to revisit it. Might be a possible source of informed and articulate speakers for community events.

    Liberty and Security’s site, anyone? A quick Google gives a long list but I am not familiar with the organization so I did not know if I found the one referred to above.

    4) Thanks for link to Olberman report.

    5) ACLU is sending thank yous to President Obama for Gitmo action. Good way to send a positive message to President Obama, and tie-in his “As for our common defense, we reject as false the choice between our safety and our ideals” language in the inaugural address. I noticed some people who wrote congrats messages on the blog already doing this.

  8. slw says:

    Whoa! The URLs to Russ Holt’s speech before the FISA I put in my last comment did not make it.

    Well, I will try again and hope they get through:



    Is there some special way they must be pasted into these comments? I notice others have supplied URLs without any problem.

    Not so important, but it would be nice to add to that great Wiki reference site–I don’t recall seeing it there.

  9. jonpincus says:

    excellent comments all … a few quick responses:

    Liberty and Security’s recommendations are here. Note that this is a coalition of other groups (including EFF, BORDC, and others, although not the ACLU).

    – agreed on the idea of approaching famous people who might be sympathetic via their Facebook or MySpace presence. does somebody want to take the lead on this?

    – also agreed on the importance of contacting rpresentatives. right now, we don’t know who we have in what areas. hopefully this is something that’ll start to emerge as we do the ads/media outreach in various cities.

    and in the “open thread”, joan talked about how she followed up with a Countdown producer and get a message to Russell Tice. Great work!

  10. Urbano says:

    To follow, without halt, one aim: There’s the secret of success.

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