Bloggers wanted!

Although I’ve been doing all the blogging here for the first few weeks, that’s certainly not the plan going forward … and now’s a good time to start changing it.

So this is an open invitation to Get FISA Right members who are interested in blogging here (or helping to administer the site).

To start with, please make sure you’re signed up on … once you do that, leave a comment in the thread telling us a little bit about you and what you’d like to discuss on the blog.  If you already have your own blog, please include a link!  I’ll gradually add people over the next few days and we can get going …


PS: don’t be surprised if this process is a little rocky.  I’ve never administered a group WordPress blog before and so will be learning as we go … apologies in advance


13 Responses to Bloggers wanted!

  1. Julia Adkins says:

    Dear Jon,
    I blog all over the net and have my own blog on yahoo for the moment. Yahoo is closing down 360, however. I’m also on facebook.

    I’m politically active locally, a bioregionalist. codepinker, and animal rights activist.

  2. evisionary says:


    The email address i signed up with wordpress is

  3. slwtanaka says:

    Hi Jon,

    I am responding to the email I got through the original Senator Obama–Please Vote Against FISA.

    First, thanks again for all your hard work coordinating the vote and theSaysMe ad.

    Second I do want to follow this group’s effort and ideas but I have to admit I am a bit confused on what will be our main communication venue. Earlier I signed up on the Wetpaint site, I’ve signed up on WordPress now, and of course I am still getting the emails from our original group.

    I understand that part of the idea is to reach different audiences through different venues, but I guess I want to know where I should be focused to keep track of new efforts and ideas–maybe the answer is we will continue to be alerted with emails from the original group.

    I did go to MyObama recently, and the Please Vote Against FISA group seems to no longer exist there, something you may have discussed earlier.

    My one substantive point–As I am sure most people concerned about this issue realize that the ACLU is litigating this matter. What they may not realize is that the ACLU lost almost a million dollars in funding from indirect Madoff losses–Foundations that support the ACLU lost huge amounts of money from the Madoff scams and therefore are not able to fund the ACLU as had been anticipated.

    I think an all fronts approach to this issue is necessary–so I am personally supporting legal efforts as well as legislative and public opinion efforts.

    I am not an ACLU fundraiser! but I do want them to be sufficiently funded to support these litigation efforts.


  4. jonpincus says:

    Thanks for the post, Slw. Yes, our communciations are currently somewhat confusing; we’re still trying to figure out what works best. The blog is the best place to follow things regularly; at least for the time being we’ll continue to use the myBO list for announcements, and the Google Group for email discussions. However there are a lot of bugs on MyBO — people can’t unsubscribe for example — and so we may have to change this. The MyBO group still exists, although membership is stagnent.

    And agreed about the importance of supporting ACLU and EFF, both of whom are litigating FISA. It’s a multi-front battle, and lawyers are a lot more expensive than the stuff we do! So, while I’m also not a fundraiser for either of those organizations, let me echo Slw’s point: please consider donating to them if you can afford it.

  5. I’d be interested in blogging here. I’ve been on the Get FISA Right mailing list from nearly the beginning (I was approximately member 1000 on the MyBO group) but have been largely inactive in recent months. I’m first year student at Cornell law, btw.

    i’d be interested in blogging about any or all of the following: FISA/general civil liberties news, online activism opportunities, or other surveillance issues beyond federal wiretapping.

    I blog intermittently at One reason I’d like to blog for Get FISA Right (beyond that fact that I think this is one of the most pressing civil liberties issues we face) is that blogging for an outside cause will help keep me writing – maintaining a personal blog doesn’t have the same incentives for me.

  6. slwtanaka says:

    Hi Jon,

    Wow that is confusing. You’re right–we still do exist on MyObama, but locating us would be really difficult. When I used the link in your comment above I had no problem going there, but when I used the older link and just got to the general MyObama site, and then tried to search for us, I got a message that we did not exist on the site. Well, I’ll bookmark the new URL. The other thing that is a bit troubling is that some of the new posts seem to have absolutely nothing to do with the issue. Mabye that was always true, I admit I have not read every single post, but it did seem when I was reading more actively on the site and posting myself that contributors were more disciplined.

    OK, thanks for the tip about where to stay informed. I do hope you continue the old email list as I find that really handy to follow when I get messages that way–I was able to stay on top of the voting and the ad, knew when and how to contribute to the ad, etc. Also I have a special file for those so I can save them and check back for links, etc, which has come in handy more than once.

  7. Henrik says:

    Hi there,

    I would be interested in blogging. I haven’t really done much political blogging, but I do have a lot of opinions. About FISA and similar topics as well as other issues like healthcare and immigration.

    Please let me know.

  8. maryrw says:

    I’d be glad to help with occasional blogging. My blog is The Worley Dervish ( I’m glad to help however I can.

  9. jonpincus says:

    Thanks all for volunteering! I’ve added you as bloggers here, and also added long-time GFR members Craig Nazor, psychicwars (aka Patrick) and John Joseph Bachir.

  10. pebruckart says:

    Thanks, Jon. I’ve got a new wordpress login with my real name, as I don’t want to post anonymously.

  11. Julia Adkins says:

    i was absolutely appalled by the anouncement by Olberman that the SEC has been monitoring the conversations of ordinary citizens, and especially journalists. I’m not surprised though.. I too remember GW getting up in front of the nation and saying, “that it takes a court order to obtain a wire tap.” I’m soooooooo glad that liar is out of office.


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  13. I would consider it a great privilege to blog on GFR! I am particularly interested in utilizing my joint public access/web video TV program to discuss and promote GFR.

    I am a student at the University of Wisconsin Madison and a Campus Progress representative (the student arm of the Center for American Progress). I am also a producer and board member at WYOU as well as a blogger at

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