URGENT: Last-minute help needed in Ideas for Change!

Update, 4:30 PM: we finished #5.  thanks to all for your help!  more here.

The voting ends Thursday at 2 p.m. Pacific time in the change.org’s Ideas for Change competition, and with the “merge” between the drug war and legalization ideas throwing things into a tizzy, anything can happen.    Bob Fertik’s Appoint a Special Prosecutor for the Crimes of the Bush Administration is up to #12 .  Get FISA Right, repeal the PATRIOT Act, and restore our civil liberties is currently #7,  thanks to links in mailings from Bob at Democrats.com and DreamActivist.*

It’s far from over.   Bob’s only 660 votes out of the top 10, and there at least 7000 votes up for grabs.  And with less than 700 votes separate the #5 idea from #9,  if any of the ideas farther down the list suddenly get hot — and/or start merging — it could be a very close finish.  As calibration, yesterday, Appoint Secretary of Peace in Department of Peace and Non-Violence got over 5000 votes, shooting from #10 up to #2.

So while it’s great we’re in #6 (yay us!  and thanks again, Bob and DreamActivist — as well as  Jason Rosenbaum of The Seminal, who just endorsed us), we need to roll up our virtual sleeves one more time …

Here’s how you can helpand please be sure to check back to this page from time to time for any updates!

  1. vote for our idea on change.org if you haven’t already — and then vote for Bob’s, tooPlease double-check that your vote has counted: you should see a red or brown “voted” button at the top of the change.org page. If not, see the instructions hereThis is the single most important thing you can do!
  2. if you’re on Facebook, please post this link to your profile. (Detailed instructions here.) Then please add a comment in the deadline thread on our Facebook Page; that way, it’ll go out in your feed and your friends will get a reminder about the deadline.  Change your status, too; mine is currently …
  3. follow up on email you’ve sent to friends, family, and bloggers reminding them of the deadline — and including a link to Bob’s idea as well.  Please make sure to remind people to double-check that their vote has counted!
  4. bloggers: repost this post
  5. blogger outreach: add comments on stories about wiretapping, torture, the special prosecutor debate, or the change.org competion with links back to our ideas.  Follow up with mail to the blogger and ask them to do a post — and ask them for an endorsement.
  6. twitter: tweet it. As usual, see our Twitter page for examples.
  7. if you’ve got other ideas: please leave them as comments here

We may switch our digging efforts elsewhere and try some outreach on change.org later, so please check back to this page for updated information …

In a classic case of horrible timing, I’ll be offline most of the day.  So please don’t rely on my to coordinate things; use this thread and the Google discussion group (and Facebook too, if you’re there) to self-organize.

Pretty dramatic … good luck all!

And, get to work.  Remember: if changing the world were easy, everybody would do it.


* whose Pass the DREAM Act – Support Higher Education for All Students is currently only 50 votes behind us at #7.


7 Responses to URGENT: Last-minute help needed in Ideas for Change!

  1. Hey folks, happy to give the endorsement. I’ve been writing about FISA for a long time, and following Get FISA Right as well. It’s good to know the fight isn’t over yet!

  2. Left this message at the #1 idea, “legalize medicinal and recreational use of marijuana:

    Those of you who voted for 2 or more of the merged ideas, you now have at least one “spare” vote to spend on another idea. I’d like to suggest you consider 2: 1) “Get FISA Right, repeal the PATRIOT Act, and restore our civil liberties”, at http://www.change.org/ideas/view/get_fisa_right_repeal_the_patriot_act_and_restore_our_civil_liberties and/or

    2) “Appoint a Special Prosecutor for the Crimes of the Bush Administration”, at http://www.change.org/ideas/view/appoint_a_special_prosecutor_for_the_crimes_of_the_bush_administration

    Why? For the “Get FISA Right/PATRIOT Act/civil liberties” idea speaks to abuses growing out of the so-called “war on terror”, which are of a piece with those growing out of the “war on drugs.” In both cases, part of the “solution” has been to abrogate civil liberties, ramp up surveillance, and throw legal niceties like probable cause or knocking before entering out the window. The “special prosecutor” idea also deserves your support. In a time when thousands are being sent to jail for years for possession of drugs, it passes understanding that our chief “law enforcement” officers should not be investigated and, “if” warranted, prosecuted and convicted for war crimes, torture, and breaking other US laws.

  3. jonpincus says:

    Thanks much Jason — your post on The Seminal made a huge difference in our latest fundraising drive, and hopefully this will have a similar impact!

    And I just got mail from Adam at Emergent Chaos about his “Get FISA Right” Pointer. change.org crashes his browser, so he couldn’t see the idea to endorse, but he was kind enough to blog about it anyhow — with some great context. Thanks much, Adam!

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  6. Robert Vogel says:

    FISA is but a subset of the problem. What we need is judicial oversight of all classified and otherwise secret activities of our government. You cannot have both a democracy and a largely secret government at the same time.

    We have military everywhere and it is, contrary to what people would want, building an empire. Exposing torture, renditions, assasinations, regime change and other shady activities of our covert agencies would more than likely stop them.

    We need more open government, and oversight of secret activities …including wiretapping.

  7. jonpincus says:

    Thanks for the comment, Robert. I agree, but …

    With a deadline in 5 hours and no other ideas about tansparency and oversight in the top 20, is this really the best time to be having this discussion?

    Please stop debating, at least for a few hours, and start acting.

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