Get FISA Right’s Ideas for Change in America endorsements (so far)

We thank all of you for your support.  Please blog about us again if you get a chance!   And anybody who’s helped advocate Get FISA Right’s idea, please use the comments to promote other ideas.

Read on for more … and digg it!  If you’d like to help us in email, Facebook, Twitter, the blogosphere, etc. see the first comment for details.

With’s Ideas for Change in America competition wrapping up in a little more than 12 hours, I wanted to take the time to collect endorsements related to Get FISA Right in a single thread. Get FISA Right has endorsed three ideas in the finals:

We formally voted on Bob’s; the other two were by acclamation.

Get FISA Right has been endorsed on by at least 26 blogs and organizations.**  In reverse chronological order (i.e., the earliest endorsers are last on the list):

Rebecca Schneider for Congress, Worldwide Sawdust, The Democratic Activist, Susans Views, Effluvium From Sonya’s Brain, Green Dads, Rico Thomas Rico, Moonseeds Weblog, Amygdala, Happening Here, Reality Catcher, No Borders and Binaries, Obama Letdown Watch, DreamActivist, The Worley Dervish, WebUrbanist, peerflow, Beyond The Matrix, Liberty’s Crossing, Knightwhosaysni’s blog, Chris Weekly,,,, Mad Progress, Moon In Cancer

Get FISA Right thanks all of you for your support.  [And, if you happen to read this before noon on Thursday, would you mind posting again and dropping a lnk in the comments?  Thanks again!  🙂 ]

With no disrespect meant to any of the other endorsements, I’d particularly like to highlight the ones from, DreamActivist., Reality Catcher,, and Rebecca Schneider for Congress. and DreamActivist both have ideas of their own duelling for the top 10 spots — in fact as I write this, Pass the DREAM Act – Support Higher Education for All Students is just behind us at #10, and  Appoint a Special Prosecutor for the Crimes of the Bush Administration is at #14, so we are potentially fighting it out for the last two spots.  Nonetheless their supporters have been among the most effective advocates of our idea as well.  Thanks kindly, and as I said in a comment on DreamActivist’s endorsement post, no matter how this competition winds up, I’m looking forward to continuing to work together.  Please repay their consideration by taking the time to look at their ideas and consider voting for them.

Thomas’ endorsement on appears to have been the most influential early blog post, linked in Amygdala’s endorsement post as well as a non-endorsement post on Sideshow which was one of our highest-profile early links.  Steve’s on Reality Catcher got over 250 diggs and even though pro-surveillance diggers buried it and prevented it reaching the front page, it still contributed significantly to our surge on Tuesday the 13th.  Thomas and Steve are both early Get FISA Right organizers who have consistently gone above and beyond, and this has been no exception.  Similarly, is our longtime partner on videos such as Don’t let our constitution die, John McCain would do the same, and the upcoming President Obama, please get FISA Right.  Thanks guys.

And I’d never heard of Rebecca Schneider before but based on her performance here I think she is shaping up as an early favorite for at least a House seat in 2010.  The gloves come off indeed!

Another round of thanks to everybody who both fought through the crashing servers and difficult UI to endorse our idea on and then blogged about it.  If you’d like to add yourself to the final version of list, please click on the “click here to endorse” link on the right-hand side of the page.  And if you’ve endorsed, but not yet blogged, it’s not too late!

We got a lot of other endorsements, too, that typically don’t show up on the list.  Really everybody who’s advocated for the idea — forwarding the link to a mailing list or a Facebook group, digging when we asked, posting a link to their profile, putting a comment on a blog or discussion board somewhere — has pretty explicitly endorsed us.  So thanks to all of you as well.

And as a way of making those thanks concrete, I’d like to invite anybody who’s endorsed Get FISA Right to reply in the thread with some personal endorsements.  This is a a good chance to advocate for an idea or two in the all-important last 12 hours of the contest.  Please be respectful of other members keep it to a couple of paragraphs so that it’s easy for everybody to read through the entire thread.  If you want people to be able to see the entire list of ideas you voted for, include a link to your profile — for example, mine’s at

Thanks once again, and let’s get ready for the exciting finish!


*  As our idea started to surge ahead, a lot of people switched their votes and eventually dropped Pierre’s, so this underestimates his support.   In the first round his idea had support as broad as ours.  We tried to contact him but weren’t able to sync up on co-promoting the ideas.  If anybody reading this knows Pierre, please ask him to get in touch with us!

** there may be others; it seems kind of random what actually gets posted and when.

3 Responses to Get FISA Right’s Ideas for Change in America endorsements (so far)

  1. jonpincus says:

    If you’d like to help Get FISA Right in the last few hours of the Ideas for Change competition, here are ways you can help. Please act quickly; remember that voting closes at 2 PM Pacific time on Thursday, January 15. Depending on what communications style you prefer …

    email: please send the link to this post to people or mailing lists you know who would be influenced by any of these endorsements. Make sure to include the link to our idea and remind people about the deadline — and to double-check their votes!

    digg: go to the digg page for this post and click the digg it!. (Detailed instructions here.)

    Facebook: please post this to your profile. (Detailed instructions here.) Then please add a comment in the deadline thread on our Facebook Page; that way, it’ll go out in your feed and your friends will get a reminder about the deadline.

    bloggers: post reminding your readers of the deadline, with a link to our idea and Bob’s (and anything else you want to promote), and mention our endorsements and link back to this post as well. then comment below, at the bottom of the page, linking back to *your* post.

    blogger outreach: you can use this post to touch base with any bloggers you think might be interested in endorsing either our idea or Bob’s. send them the links to the ideas and this post, give them a little context about what’s going on and the deadline, and ask them for a blog post and endorsement. and then mention it in a comment below!

    twitter: tweet it. As usual, see our Twitter page for examples. The tinyurl is and the #tcot hashtag sends it to “top conservatives on Twitter”, where we’re trying to recruit libertiarians. And if that’s gibberish to you, don’t worry, it’ll all make sense soon enough.

    Thanks much! And as always, other suggestions are welcome.

  2. […] blogger outrach: add comments on stories about wiretapping, torture, the special prosecutor debate, or the competion with links back to our ideas.  Follow up with mail to the blogger and ask them to do a post — and ask them for an endorsement. […]

  3. The cavalry has arrived, maybe: (who display petitions with 10s of 1000s of votes on their site) have just sent out a mailing urging votes for Get FISA Right/Repeal PATRIOT at #10 and Special Prosecutor at #15. Since then I’ve seen GFR/RPA and Special Prosecutor both climb up 1 notch.

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