BREAKING: Get FISA Right endorses special prosecutor as an Idea for Change in America

Update: please see Act now for ways you can help advocate for both ideas!

With less than 36 hours to go in’s Ideas for Change in America competition, Get FISA Right has voted overwhelmingly (30-2) to endorse Bob Fertik’s Appoint a Special Prosecutor for the Crimes of the Bush Administration.

Please advocate for Bob’s idea, which has climbed to 14th place with 6370 votes, as well as our own Get FISA Right, repeal the PATRIOT Act, and restore our civil liberties (currently in #7 with 9565).  Please also consider joining the Facebook group Appoint a Special Prosecutor to Investigate Bush Administration War Crimes.  I’ll include more details in the “24 hours to go” last-minute instructions later today.

Members’ opinions, on both side of the issue, are in the voting thread and earlier discussion thread  (here and here) for members’ opinions … a few highlights from “yes” votes:

Sally G:

We must defend the Constitution; whereas we must move forward, we cannot allow the Bush-administration precedents to stand. Nixon’s misconduct led to the passage of FISA; current attempts to short-circuit the Constitution must be followed up similarly.


If our US Constitution is not enforced by accountability, investigation, court action, it is JUST A PIECE OF PAPER.”


I think that the overly-expansive and rights-infringing FISA bill is symptomatic of the larger problems with this administration. We should fight both the symptom AND the cause.


How can you look forward without knowing what foundation you are standing upon? These crimes need to be investigated fully before we know what laws will be required to prevent this from ever happening again, and accountability must be doled out to perpetrators to ensure that the law is enforced.


yes, because we have to be consistent with the rights for everyone.

Punk Patriot:


This is such a no-brainer.

7 Responses to BREAKING: Get FISA Right endorses special prosecutor as an Idea for Change in America

  1. joann cahn says:

    i’m sorry but i’m not succeeding in finding those proposals on the site (with those names and at least that number of votes). what am i doing wrong?

  2. jonpincus says:

    Hi Joann,

    Yeah, it’s really hard to navigate around … do the links in the main post work for you?

    In any case, here are the URL’s:


  3. I know you’re busy, but should this be mentioned at the GFR site? (And vice versa at the SpecialProsecutor site.)

  4. jonpincus says:

    It’s a great point Thomas unfortunately the deadline for locking the ideas’ text on was a few hours ago … my bad for missing it.

  5. Joan Mokray says:

    Thank you, Jon, for pushing all of this so aggressively. I’ve put in my vote for Bob.

    Note that Obama is putting in a Ms. Johnsen to head the OLC, which was the
    source of a lot of the stuff we’re upset about. She was very vocal and
    clear about how it was not part of law as we used to know it. That
    appointment is a very good thing.

  6. Ahrenstorff says:

    Hi this information is very interesting for me, i will send the website to my friends to read this information. Thanks

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