48 hours left, six ways to help

Update, January 14: please see Act now: 30 hours left in Ideas for Change in America for updated instructions.

The momentum shift I hoped for yesterday may be starting to happen.  After dropping to #9 last night (“Will you still love me if we don’t make the top 10?” I asked Deborah),  Get FISA Right, repeal the PATRIOT Act, and restore our civil liberties is now back up to #8 with 8050 votes.  Even more importantly, the cushion of votes keeping us in the top ten* — probably the most important number to watch — climbed from 1200 to 1500.  Go us!

We got several blog posts, endorsements, and mailings from Facebook group admins.  Thanks all!  We are still trailing badly in endorsements, with only 22 so far — Pass the DREAM Act – Support Higher Education for All Students, which is right behind us at #10 has 67, and some ideas have over 300.  So let’s redouble our blogger outreach efforts** — and at the same time, not rely on this changing and continue to reach out via email on Facebook.  Mail your family and friends!  Change your status!  Change your image!***  Post this link!  Instructions here!

Our voting thread on whether we should endorse Bob Fertik’s Appoint a Special Prosecutor for the Crimes of the Bush Administration has gotten 22 votes: 20 yes, 1 no, 1 present (me, since I voted first and didn’t want to bias things).  If you haven’t weighed in yet, please do.

More ways to help below, but first a few paragraphs about strategy.

Over the last 48 hours, people are likely to change their votes as they drop ideas that have very little chance.   Especially if Bob’s idea starts to surge based on the early returns implying a likely endorsement, we may also see other endorsements and other  kinds of alliances between ideas.   Blog posts can probably have a significant impact as late as Thursday morning, and the same for digg campaigns; so it’s still fairly easy for ideas to move up.

A real wild-card is that people are having a hard time voting.  I moved the instructions up to the second paragraph of our idea … other suggestions welcome.  And when the load on change.org’s servers increases, it gets a lot harder.  In the extreme.  Suppose an idea makes Slashdot, Wired, and the New York Times simultaneously and ripples out through the tech and progressive blogospheres simultaneously; will change.org be able to keep up with the load,and if not, what percentage of people will re-vote?  We shall see …

As you get a few moments of time over the next few days, here’s how you can help.

  1. vote for the idea if you haven’t alreadyPlease double-check that your vote has counted: you should see a brown “voted” button at the top of the change.org page.  If not, see the instuctions here.
  2. Steve Elliot’s Get FISA Right: Last Chance To Vote Against Domestic Spying now up to 221 votes on digg.  Digg it!
  3. email your friends and family, and any mailing lists you think might be interested.  Think creatively.  For example I’m thinking of sending mail to my brother saying “activating Pincii!” and asking him to forward it on to an extended family email list.
  4. help with the blogger outreach
  5. change your status, post and share this link, and get involved on Facebook

Thanks much!


* more precisely, the difference between our idea and the #11 idea.  see, all those hours reading Nate on 538 are turning out to be useful!

**  In case anybody’s wondering, neither Bruce Schneier or OpenLeft have responded to my mail yet.  Oh well.

*** Thanks to Thomas for these suggestions!


7 Responses to 48 hours left, six ways to help

  1. jonpincus says:

    about those “possibly-related posts” on each page … I have no idea how WordPress is coming up with them but sometimes they’re interesting so I’m leaving them on for now.

  2. If you can believe it, “pro-domestic surveillance” people appear to have buried the FISA piece this morning, even with 230+ diggs!

    Starting last night and until early this morning, it was #1 in “Hot In All Topics”:

    Digg’s algorithm weights “buries” too heavily; this results in de facto censorship.

  3. jonpincus says:

    Yes, this is one of several ways (ban policy, lax moderation of sexist, racist, nativist, etc. comments) that Digg favors those who want to shut down speech. Ah well. I still thought it was remarkably good for a first effort.

    I had posted this to #tcot (top conservatives on Twitter) in an attempt to reach out to Libertarians … it probably didn’t work out so well for us this time, but in general I think Libertarians are pretty strong on digg so we’ll do better. strategically there’s interesting leverage here, possibly making it simultaneously a power struggle between neocons and libertarians and #tcot and the “progressive” blogosphere.

    suggestions welcome from all on how to do better on our next digging effort!

  4. benintn says:

    We can still twitter! I say we try to use the Get Fisa Right twitter account and get some more attention. Make some noise! We still need to do the work of convincing some folks that 1) this horrible wiretap program really was unprecedented, illegal, and wrong, 2) it actually happened, 3) Congress will do nothing unless we act, and 4) we can’t move forward until we’ve cleaned up the damage from the past!

  5. […] If you’d like to help advocate for Get FISA Right (etc) , we’ve got suggestions for how you can help via email, blogs, Facebook, or Twitter here.  If you’re advocating for other ideas please […]

  6. […] number to watch is the cushion of votes keeping us in the top ten,* and that’s gone from 1500 yesterday to over 2100.  Go […]

  7. […] allow myself another “w00t!” about this, since I was part of an interesting (and surprisingly intense) “Get FISA Right” vote-hunting operation masterminded by veteran social networker and […]

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