Endorsements and blog attention!

The outreach to bloggers we’re doing is starting to have an impact … here’s our current list of endorsements:

I’m pretty sure these are listed in chronological order …

The list is shorter than some other ideas but the quality is incredibly high, surprisingly diverse, and with a great mix of original Get FISA Right organizers,* people who are just starting to step forward, our longtime partner SaysMe, and some folks I don’t even know.  There are at least two endorsements by other ideators in the final round: DreamACTivst, whose Pass the DREAM Act – Support Higher Education for All Students is in 13th place, and Bob Fertik of Democrats.com, whose Appoint a Special Prosecutor for the Crimes of the Bush Administration is in 26th.**

We’ve also gotten some links in other posts that haven’t made endorsements on change.org, for example in Michael Connery’s endorsement list on Future Majority.  And that includes Catherine Cadden of the Center for Nonviolent Communication, one of the submitters of Bridging the Empathy Gap – Yes We Can! (currently in 15th place), who shared a great story relating the two ideas in NVC and social change:

On Feb. 11, 2003, I spoke at a city council meeting in the town of San Anselmo, CA, where they were debating whether or not to oppose the Patriot Act. In the middle of my speech, I turned to the policeman guarding the door and put myself in his shoes, “I imagine this is hardest for you. I can’t imagine what it would be like for you to enforce the law of the Patriot Act when you have not been considered directly how it will affect your life.” I saw two councilmen begin to shake their heads in agreement. The police officer smiled. That was a moment of empathy. A simple understanding between humans seeing each other as human, not as the uniforms or roles they perform. The town of San Anselmo made a resolution to oppose the Patriot Act and it became a civil liberties safety zone.

Well said.  And there are a lot of other great posts out there with different perspectives on FISA and civil liberties as well …

Speaking of which, if you see a post about Get FISA Right, please leave a note in the comments (see the first comment for an example).  Not only is it interesting to see what people are saying about us, along with the rest of our history and press coverage, it’s valuable information for our ongoing activism.  Thanks!

And even bigger thanks to those who have endorsed and/or blogged about us, and are helping with the blogger outreach.  Please keep up the good work!


* trivia note: the version of our June 29 open letter to Obama posted on Reality Catcher is the one that caught fire on digg

** we’re discussing whether or not Get FISA Right should endorse Bob’s special prosecutor idea and will be voting on this starting on Monday.  Feedback welcome!


9 Responses to Endorsements and blog attention!

  1. jonpincus says:

    we were mentioned along with the other top ideas in “Blog of Bile’s” commentary at http://blogofbile.com/2009/01/09/what-are-your-top-10-ideas-for-change-in-america/ … while it wasn’t exactly a positive review (“You can’t get FISA right. Get rid of that too. And… how about restoring all liberties… not just so called civil ones?”) it wasn’t any more negative than the bile about most of the other ideas.

    oh well. any publicity is good publicity. for all i know blog of bile’s readership bigger than ours here, and i bet a surprising amount of them care about this issue. not that i’m counting on it but still …

  2. bile says:

    It’s not that I don’t appreciate the “fixing” FISA idea. It shouldn’t have been necessary in the first place. It’s a bandaid on government corruption. Even if FISA is gotten right, whatever that means, I don’t trust the congress critters not to make it not right some short time later. It’s existence is a an invitation for abuse and corruption.

  3. kyledeb says:

    It’s good to see an important idea like “Get FISA Right, Repeal the PATRIOT Act, and restore our civil liberties” doing so well. It’s also good to see the pro-migrant blogosphere collaborating and endorsing the idea in DREAMActivist.

    There are more connections between the way unauthorized migrants are treated and civil liberties than most people realize. In fact, it was right after an undocumented youth, Tam Tran, came out strongly in favor of the DREAM Act, that her parents were targeted for deportation. Nativist politicians and activists have made no secret about the fact that they believe unauthorized migrants should be deported when they agitate for their own rights.

    That’s why I encourage those of you organizing online for civil liberties to consider supporting the DREAM Act on change.org, as well. I personally do not want to live in a country where people can get deported for their political beliefs, for standing up for their right to exist in the only country they’ve ever known. I can only hope that others feel the same way, too.

  4. Avedon Carol (“Sideshow”) mentioned it today as well:

  5. […] our current endorsement list is here, and later today we’re going to start voting on whether or not to endorse Bob Fertik’s […]

  6. tamzarara says:

    hi there. you might check with the Freedom to Read Foundation (www.ftrf.org) and see if you can get their endorsement. They worked very hard against the Patriot Act.

  7. jonpincus says:

    great suggestion tamzarazara. does anybody have any contacts at FTRF? i might have a connection, not sure …

    and good stuff with Avedon Carol, Thomas — thanks!

  8. SonyaLynn says:

    Done…Dugg, Tweeted, and endorsed it as well. 🙂

  9. This was an interesting read, thank you

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