Ideas for Change from Get FISA Right members

At least four other Get FISA Right members have ideas that made it to the finals of the Ideas for Change competition.  That’s pretty impressive if you think about it, accounting for over 5% of the ideas in the second round … so I wanted to take a moment and highlight them.   Here’s the list I have so far:

Are there any others I missed?  If you’re a Get FISA Right member with an idea in the finals, please reply in a comment and/or an email thread.

And I’d also like to give the ideators* a chance to advocate the idea to their fellow members.  To be clear, this is not an endorsement of any of these ideas by Get FISA Right.   Still, the ideas are likely to interest at least some of the members in the group , so I wanted to send them on.


PS: Several people have told me that they’ve had a hard time voting on, so please double-check that you’ve voted successfully and that the blue button with the number of votes has turned brown.  (The word “vote” also turns to “voted”.)  If you run into problems, the instructions here seem to work for most people.

* yes, that really is a word


2 Responses to Ideas for Change from Get FISA Right members

  1. Susan Morgan says:

    The genocide in Darfur is now in it’s sixth year. After Rwanda, the world community promised “never again” yet we continue to look the other way and allow the genocidal regime in Sudan to ravage the country and thumb its nose at international law and humanitarian ethics. Please vote for a “peace surge” for Sudan here:

    PS – I did not submit this idea but work closely with the organization that did. This is the commonly agreed solution for Darfur among the experts on the subject.

  2. Joseph Evans says:

    Greetings fellow FISA members:

    Wouldn’t it be beneficial for you to know why you think or act a certain way – why your talents are what they are – why some of your vices are difficult to discard – why a certain fear factor supersedes your faith? By the same token, what if your health suddenly calls for you to need a blood, organ, or tissue donation where none of your existing family members – or anyone in sight – can anatomically compensate you? Being reunited with distant relatives from slavery can bring closure to a lot of your mystical equations. Having the ability to plug in the missing pieces belonging to your family tree is not only monumental, but also evolutional as it brings closure to a lot of your unanswered questions that, in most cases, are relative to your destiny.

    “The Family Union for Obama” was designed to bring resolution to such concerns. Our non-profit organization is geared towards regenerating families across the country by uniting them with love ones from decades of slavery. Know yourself more intimately by increasing your network. Discover your full potential by not only knowing who you are, but whose you are.

    To ensure “The Family Union for Obama” runs its course of fulfillment, please take 5 minutes of your time to vote for this movement by Thursday, January 15, 2009. By way of voting for this invention, please click on the link below:

    Please forward so others may partake in this movement (too). To know who you are is to know your history.

    Thank you for your support,

    Joseph Evans
    Founder of The Family Union Foundation for Obama

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